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  • Allison Mitchell

New Year Update! Welcome 2022!

So as we start the new year, Sushi and Jack’s litter will start to go to their new homes. Tofu and Miso will be staying at RitcheaRats as good backs. Look at these two cuties.

I am currently planning two litters for the middle of February. The first one will be with Mozz and Pepper, which should result in an all pointed marten litter. The second litter will be with Sushi (her last litter) and I have not decided on the male yet.

I will be going through the waitlist this month to see who is interested in adopting out most likely around the first of April. If you’re interested in adopting any Ritchea Rats in the future, please will our the application on the Adoption page.

I hope you all have an amazing new year!

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